Darkheather Imperium

Arguably the most malevolent force in the known mouse world, this empire of weasels is militaristic, aggressive, and murderous. The Guard has rallied mousekind a dozen times in the last century to fight off the weasels and their cousins, the most recent conflict three years ago, which brought the loss of several border towns and many dead mice.

While the weasels occupy most of the empire, they subjugate their ferret cousins as indentured servants and use minks as a sort of naval troop and trade body. Their larger cousins, the martens and sables, usually have little to do with weasel business until a war rolls around, where they release their wild natures on the battlefield.


  • The Darkheather is a rigid society, with hierarchy ruling over every element of weasel life
    • Overlord: the high king of all weasels
    • Tunnel Lord: lord of a particular set of tunnels and burrows
    • Tunnel Captain: Depending on the Tunnel Lord, he usually assigns four or five captains to oversee parts of his tunnel domain.
    • Tunnel Lieutenant: These underlings usually oversee the troops

Darkheather Imperium

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