Hare Confederacy

Rabbits and hares are a reserved bunch, their speech almost too quiet for most mice to hear or even understand. They usually think thoroughly before they make an important statement, and are not known to anger easily. This culture and tradition grew into what today is known as the Hare Confederacy. While individual burrows are self-governing, the rabbits have formed a central deliberative and governing body, which makes major decisions through committee.

The one thing the rabbits and hares do quickly is move and fight. One of the faster animals on land, rabbits have been known for ages as excellent cavalry and shock troops, and mice have relied on them for many military campaigns. The Confederacy Militia is only assembled in cases of defense, and the rabbits have no ambition for conquest or expansion.

Burrows are partially interlinked like the Imperium’s forts, but the towns and cities themselves have a much less military feel to them. Rabbits love fresh air and sunshine, and while they keep close to their burrows, they take time to run through their lands regularly.

Geographically, the Confederacy is spread out over the northwest part of the Territories and the northeast part of the Darkheather Imperium. They maintain good relations with the Guard, and their military prowess and numbers allows them to fend off most attacks from the weasels. There are a few shoreside communities, but very few rabbits take to the lakes or seas.

The rabbit does find a strange sort of kinship with mole communities, which usually group around their burrows for safety. In return for protection, they maintain the Confederacy’s system of tunnels. Conversations between the two races are hard to understand, but they seem to enjoy each other’s company.

Hare Confederacy

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